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Why study plan?

Have you ever found yourself wondering: Can I do this exam in x months/weeks? Will I be able to go through everything I need to in the time available...

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How to make an exam plan on Planner Pig:

Case study 1 - CFA

Take a look at ways you can set up a study plan for your upcoming CFA exam.

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How to make an exam plan on Planner Pig:

Case study 2 - Music grade exam

Some more creative ways to set up your study plan.

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How do I motivate myself to study?

Have you ever wondered why studying can seem so unappealing at times? After work when you sit down with the intention of spending a couple of hours studying do you find that...

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Exam Tips: How NOT to study

You need to understand the cause of the problem before you can solve the problem. One of the most frustrating things...

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QUIZ: Procrastinate much?

Take the quiz to find out what kind of studier you are and what you can do about it...

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Are professional qualifications really worth it?

If you are undecided about whether to take on the big challenge of a professional qualification programme - well done for...

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QUIZ: Do you study better with friends?

Take the quiz to find out how social studying could be of benefit to you...

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Planner Pig

So your goal is to study EFFECTIVELY and PASS that next exam the first time.

But such a BIG GOAL can be OVERWHELMING at times which is why you LOSE MOTIVATION ...

Break it down into smaller chunks, like "Study 2 hours today and cover 50% of chapter 7.".

Once you've ACHIEVED it, CELEBRATE by doing something different.

Planner Pig is a daily study planning app that helps you gain total control of your study schedules.RENEW your motivation to study by building a study plan and monitoring your own progress.

Watch the quick app demo to see what it does.

Manage your time

Have an up-to-date daily schedule that can tell you how much of which topic and how long you should be studying each day. It doesn't matter if you can't stick to the plan every day. Planner Pig will adjust your plan so that it's always relevant no matter what. To have a clear detailed plan of the future means you always know what's realistically possible to fit in before the exam so no last minute panic!

Know your progress

Updating your progress regularly not only keeps your schedule accurate but it also means you have a record of your progress to date. Sense of achievement is a powerful motivation to keep your study going. Set yourself milestones and celebrate when you reach them. What better reward than a well-earned time off to do other things in life - totally guilt free!

Compete with friends

With Planner Pig you can keep an eye on your friend's progress and be notified of when they have completed their regular study session. You can buddy up with as many friends as you like and introduce encouragement and healthy competition into the group. We all have a desire to succeed and having peer pressure can help you turn that desire into some productive study time.

Which exams?

Whether you are a student at college or university or a professional working towards a qualification, Planner Pig can build a study plan for any exams. For the following professional exams we already have the topics set up for you but you can easily create your own or edit the ones provided.

Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page if you would like an exam added.

CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3 all exams and Topics
ACCA all exams and Topics
Institute and faculty of actuaries all exams and topics
GMAT logo for GMAT exams and topics

IMC (Investment management certificate), CFA UK
MCAT Topics
CPA Topics
USMLE Step 1, Step 2 and Step 2 all exams and topics

RCS Logo
NCSBN logo for NCLEX-CN exam

  • Thank you - I think it is exactly what I was missing preparing for the (CFA) level I

  • This is an excellent app for anyone tackling CFA or Actuarial exams. Really well thought out.

  • I wish I had it ages ago! Very useful planner and helps me to keep myself motivated. The app already knows the topic splits which is handy. Love the animal characters, nice graphics!

  • Fantastic app, would definitely recommend for anyone taking exams. Helps you get ahead of the competition!

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